Lara (me) and Bradley are a couple of adventurers embarking on a mega-trip across Asia.

They met whilst studying Zoology at Bangor University, Wales. Though Brad was a year above Lara, their paths crossed and haven’t been able to untangle themselves ever since! They now live in a rather built up part of England called Maidenhead, about 15 miles from London and frequently miss their trips into the mountains of Snowdonia National Park.

Both share 3 passions: Fitness, food and the great outdoors.

In the Lake District

Lara “Since I can remember the natural world has fascinated me. I have always felt passionate about protecting our planet and have been determined to see as much of the world as I can before it becomes damaged even further. The wonder of all the beautiful places waiting to be discovered during our trip fills me with so much excitement!

For me, the freedom of being able to wake up each day and know I will see something new, plus the possibility of witnessing some of Earth’s most beautiful creatures (tigers!) excites me the most. Though, despite being a huge foodie, I am worried about some of the food Brad will force me to eat. Being someone who stays clear of all things spicy (good job we’re heading to Asia)!

I hope this trip will ground us and open our eyes to how the far reaches of the world live life everyday. I want to inspire people to travel themselves but also be informative and honest about what we face over the coming months.

Brad “Since I was young, I’ve always loved being outdoors and exploring, so travel is something that has always been on my agenda. Luckily for me, Lar has always wanted to travel too so it’s going to be amazing to head off on this adventure with her and explore the far reaches of Asia together. She’s been amazing at planning the logistics and budget for the whole thing whilst I’ve been preoccupied with researching and practising photography and much to her dismay, spending some of my savings on upgrading my camera gear ready for this incredible journey!

Photography is the main motivator for me on this trip and I hope to capture some amazing photos whilst we’re out there. I take massive inspiration from travel photographers such as Chris Burkard and Colby Brown, spending more time than I should in awe at some of the places they’re exploring on a daily basis whilst I’m sat behind a desk, counting down the days to our flight to Kolkata!

I hope you enjoy this blog and find inspiration to head out to the far East to shoot and explore some of the amazing places we’ll be heading to!

Rowing on lake ...

To see our planned route click HERE.

To find out how we planned our trip, from choosing our destinations to budgeting, click HERE.

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